¿WHAT IS ESR?cuaromexsocialmente

The ESR® is an award given annually in Mexico by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and AliaRSE.

That distinction accredits companies to their employees, investors, customers, authorities and society in general, as a publically committed organization with voluntary social responsibility managed as part of their cultural and business strategy.

The ESR award is not a one-off commitment. It requires to be earned every year by displaying a Socially Responsible culture.

It is the conscious and congruent commitment to achieve the business objectives, internally and externally, considering the economic, social and ecological expectations of all their participants, showing respect for people, ethical values, community, environment and helping in the development of the common good.

We began with the implementation of the program in November 2015, putting together four committees that are: Quality of Life in the enterprise, tie-up with community, business ethics and environment.

We worked with schools and orphanages in the committee of tie-up with community. In the committee of quality of life in the enterprise we worked on policies such as preventing minors from working, stopping discrimination among colleagues, special schedules for mothers with small children etc.etc. The business ethics committee worked on spreading the ethics code, preventing deals with suppliers outside the enterprise, being transparent on the movements inside the enterprise, answering workers’ queries about the payments and benefits provide by the enterprise. The environment committee worked on keeping green areas around the premises, correct waste management, and, with the suppliers, check that all the materials are free from restricted substances.