In Cueromex Wet Blue, we are aware of the need for environmental protection and we carry out actions to prevent pollution:

Waste: We have identified special handling waste, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We separate them and we have temporary storage that meets all the requirements and is managed by authorized transport and disposal companies. These companies have policies for tracking and managing the waste that is generated.

Water:we have authorization for water use and payments are made. We have a volumetric meter and the waste water is sent to the treatment plant of SAPAL. The water is held in tanks before discharge and the sludge generated is sent to the Sludge Park for treatment. We also conduct analysis of residual water quality to ensure it complies with the conditions and discharge parameters. We identify water consumption and have campaigns for saving water all year. We also have Sistemix so the addition of water in our processes is accurate and we do not exceed the minimum quantity required in the process to prevent waste.

Air emissions: we have identified the sources of emissions and monitoring and analysis is performed.

Environmental Hazard: We control and minimize environmental risks: through proper management of hazardous chemicals, all substances are identified and our staff is trained for handling and storing chemicals. The staff has the necessary equipment for handling such substances.

Satisfying norms, regulations and environmental laws.

Restricted substances: We specify and have a policy for restricted substances which we and our suppliers must comply with.

Environmental Management System: We have our environmental policy which contains measurable environmental objectives and controls process documentation. We also perform environmental audits.

We have the environmental certification Ecotannery given by CICUR