Guanajuato Inland Port, known by its acronym GIP , is a dry port located in the municipality of Silao de la Victoria, Guanajuato.

It is the most important logistics center in Latin America and has become the first dry port in joining the Inter-American Committee on Ports (ICP ) of the Organization of American States ( OAS). Adjacent to Del Bajio International Airport and Federal Highway 45

Some of the companies inside GTO Inland Port are: Hino Motors (subsidiary of Toyota), Flexi, Guala Dispensing, Mailhot de México, Teco Westinghouse, Samot, Softer, Sovere, Emyco, Nippon Express, HAL Aluminum, Nestlé Purina, Beiersdorf, Bio Pappel,Volkswagen and Pirelli among others.