¿WHAT IS ECOTANTERY?blccueromex1

It is a Self-regulation Program and Environmental Audit and Land Environmental Management Office of Guanajuato (PAOT),

Ecotannery has as a foundation the BLC certification (British Leather Company), ecological protocol specialized in tanneries worldwide.

CUEROMEX implemented this program in 2015, leading activities such as monitoring the analysis of water quality, as well as indicators of consumption, special waste management split between hazardous and non-hazardous, applying waste management planning where they are treated and recorded in logbooks (RECYCLE-REDUCING COST). A study of air emissions was performed (MAINTAIN PERSONAL HEALTH) , it is reviewed and monitored internally through the civil protection program, supplemented by drills and emergency plans. External activities were expanded, including pruning trees and creating more green areas within plant maintenance . (ELIMINATE THE VISUAL POLLUTION)

For chemical storage, hazardous and non-hazardous materials are identified, staff are trained in handling hazardous chemicals and emergency plans formed to deal with any leakage and for the proper handling of pressure equipment. The company has identified teams to manage areas with an environmental impact such as; boilers, compressors, forklifts. machinery and coded equipment. PPE (personal protective equipment) is provided and checked. The purchasing department promotes environmental culture with its raw material suppliers requiring them to supply, review and test materials free of rest